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Print in 3D

A great deal of technology doesn’t further our ability to be innovative and creative. Generally, new inventions are made to facilitate and reduce the workload in our lives. Nonetheless, we know that humans thrive on ingenuity and new ideas. We love to implement these ideas into reality. If this wasn’t the case, then we would quite possibly be living in a continuous Stone Age as self-sufficient beings.  However, self-sufficiency is wonderful. The ability to solve problems is a must in a world where critical thinking is highly valued.

The newest addition to the Westport Public Library is none other than an invention that allows the Westport Community to invent.  The days of sleep-away camp wood shops are unfortunately fading.  Most teenagers and children find wood products to be hackneyed and low in terms of potential ingenuity and creativity.  But the town’s newest addition may satiate that hunger to create the unimaginable.

A 3D printer has recently taken the town by storm. The library’s success with the new $2,200 3D printer prompted library director, Maxine Bleiweis, to order another one of these building machines. Now, the Westport Library operates two machines that build anything from flying model planes to replaceable door handles. These machines are called Maker Spaces.

They are large open spaces, and each Maker Space has a small stage in the middle. On top of the machine, an extruder glides against a pair of rails and it melds hot plastic to the stage. The work in progress (invention of some sort!) is built up with layers and layers of plastic. Each layer is roughly 2 mm in thickness.

The community is highly encouraged to participate in building products.

A Maker Space press-conference was held at the library during July of last year.

Joseph Schott, a “Maker” (builder) at the Westport Public Library, answers questions about the machine.

Check out the Maker Space at the Westport Public Library today!

Westport Public Library: 20 Jesup Road in Westport, CT







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